Reading Groups

The following are slides from papers that I have presented in various reading groups. Feel free to browse and use these slides as long as you mention the source.

slides    Burdett and Mortensen (1998) - Wage Differentials, Employer Size and Unemployment

slides    Chodorow-Reich and Karabarbounis (2015) - The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment

slides    Clementi and Palazzo (2014)Entry, Exit, Firm Dynamics, and Aggregate Fluctuations

slides    Roys and Seshadri (2014) - Economic Development and the Organization of Production

slides    Ai, Kiku and Li (2015) Mechanism Design Model of Firm Dynamics: The Case of Limited Commitment


Optimal Unemployment Insurance -  C++, Matlab
        Solves for the optimal unemployment insurance contract from Hopenhayn and Nicolini (1997).